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Hi! I am Miguel Angel, just another developer working hard to not be just another developer.

Before underestimating this website because its simplicity, see how it works.

What can I do for you?

I am a Software Developer passionate about creating high performance solutions that take the most advantage they can from the hardware they use. I always code following the best standards, verifying the code quality with analysis tools and automated tests. I am a huge fan of maths, process automation, distributed computing and Open Source.

Currently my main programming language is Go, I have been coding with it since July 2018 in personal projects. It is my favorite programming language so far. I can build libraries, CLIs, APIs, services, full applications and probably anything you need with it.

I coded with Python and JavaScript (Node.js) in the past. I also finished the 42 C Piscine in Silicon Valley, so I have basic knowledge of C.

As a Frontend Web Developer I can build websites and web applications for you, using modern and lightweight technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Hugo, Bulma, Alpine.js, etc…

I can also architect and administrate your infrastructure, from bare metal servers to Cloud Providers, or even hybrid environments. I have proficiency with Linux, Shell Scripting, IaC, containers and orchestration.

Take a look at my CV (PDF) or my projects.


  • Programming languages: Go, C.

  • User interfaces: Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

  • Databases: SQL (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL), K/V Stores (Badger).

  • VCS: Git.

  • QA: TDD, BDD, CI/CD (Drone, Travis, GitLab CI, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitHub Actions).

  • Systems administration: Linux (Alpine, Debian), Shell Scripting, IaC (Terraform), Containers (Docker), Containers orchestration (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes), Cloud Engineering (GCP).

  • Cloud: GitHub Pages, Netlify, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform.

  • Frameworks and libs: Alpine.js, Bleve, Bulma, Hugo, sqlx, Svelte, SvelteKit.